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3 ways to save our website on your devices

First: Download our app on your android phone

You can find it here, its size is only 4 MB
زر تحميل التطبيق

Second: Save our website as an iPhone app (for iPhone devices)

At the present time there is no app for iPhone devices, However you can save our website on your iPhone device as an app by following these steps

  • 1- Open up Safari browser and load our website (

  • 2- find and tap on this highlighted icon on the menu bar – it looks like a box with an up arrow.

  • 3- choose ‘Add to Home Screen’ option

When you're done it'll show up as an app on your iPhone home screen.

Third: put a Shortcut to the Website on Your Desktop

  • 1-Open our website ( in Chrome in Windows then Click the Chrome Menu button (⋮)

  • 2- Select "More tools" then >"Add to desktop" Or “Create shortcut”.

When you're done, you’ll see a new icon on your desktop, which will be the same icon that the website uses.